MLB IN Australia Today

This week it is the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks, in Sydney Australia. How will Australians enjoy America’s Pastime–if the Cleveland Indians and Chief Wahoo, the Atlanta Braves, the Chicago Blackhawks or the Kansas City Chiefs play on their turf?Bbest guess: Not Very Much.

Does America want to export racism? The entire MLB does support it, right? Time for a change?


“My People ONLY”

MLB sends American teams to Japan to play baseball before the Opening Day in the USA. The display of the sign  “Japanese Only” by some fans at a soccer game in Japan and the failure of the stadium and teams to remove it is proof positive that racism is still alive and unchallenged far too often in Japan and the world. With teams like the Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins, mascots like Chief Wahoo, the Chicago Blackhawks crude Native American logo and the Atlanta Braves logo with the tomahawk American Baseball, Football and Hockey are exporting and encouraging such nationalistic racism worldwide.

Perpetuating hatred and stereotypes is not anything the teams or their fans should support or endorse. Ever. We all can and must do better. Make it a challenge–what names would you choose that look forward, are powerful and exciting?

Yesterday is over. We have today. What can we do to make it a good day today and a better day tomorrow? Look forward….new names, logos, mascots?

Crowdsource New Names and Mascots!

winning_team_311267 (1)

It is time for Cleveland and Major League Baseball team fans, owners, players, media and management everywhere to join the 21st century. Everyone deserves a new, honorable, proud and positive team name and mascot. Naming the team after a race of people and using a silly looking cartoon character is wrong and absolutely outdated. Owners in the past knew when to make the move. The team is no longer the Spiders or the Naps is it?

Baseball is America’s pastime. Our country sends it around the world with our teams playing in other countries while we showcase the best games on the internet and throughout social media. Let’s do right by America and send racism back to the dark ages or better yet into the land of the forgotten. It is time to send a clear message to the team owners—we want better from you. Now.

Until they do the right thing what can we do? First, simply stop buying all their stuff. Support the team with wearing team colors, absolutely. Support the wallets and bottom lines of those clinging to the past because they are afraid to make a change? No!laser-027

We can start thinking, start sharing ideas. The best can be crowdsourced and shared here.  What would be a new, good, strong and exciting name for the team? What great mascots can we design? Cleveland Lasers? Mascot name: Rocket or Beam? RocketBeam? Your turn…..

Today’s Tribe

Why exploiting the Native Americans still matters is a question that sometimes comes up. Here is why: The poverty, desperation, hardship and isolation is far too alive and well today. The Cleveland team name and mascot make it too easy to ignore. Warm and fuzzy is not the Native American reality. Will you be part of the problem or part of the solution MLB? Mr Dolan, you are part of MLB so this question is for you and your family too.