People Have Died For Our Civil Rights

People Have Died For Our Civil Rights

For any reason a violation of the rulings of the US Supreme Court must be followed unless and until they are overturned. Jesus himself is quoted as saying Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. This is often used to support taxes, which it does. But it is greater than that because Caesar also issued the laws through proclamation at the time. This means all laws must be followed.

The one time Jesus was angry was inside the Temple when the moneychangers violated Jewish law in charging a fee for the service, a kind of interest in today’s understanding, against longstanding and well understood Jewish law. That this was done in the Temple added to the outrage of Jesus. Yet today, many people who claim to take the Bible literally and fight the civil rights of same sex couples as clearly now determined under US federal law choose to believe they have the right to oppose that law, under Biblical authority.


this is picking and choosing which text in the Bible to believe. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s overrides this. Many of these same people may still oppose race mixed marriages, some sort of racial superiority and in sports the right to make fun, ridicule and insult any race they might choose. again this violates federal law AND Biblical rules as clearly determined by Jesus. It is time for America to stop this travesty, now. 

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