Who Pays For This? Who Profits From This?

Who Pays?

  • The Fans
  • Every business that discounts or donates products and services for the honor of being part of the team experience
  • Volunteers who work unpaid for the “privilege” or sharing the experience and being forced to support the racism just so they can support the home team
  • The children who are taught racism for profit is a find and acceptable thing
  • The children who are victims of racism
  • All victims of racist hate crimes

Who Profits?

  • Daniel Snyder, the Redskins NFL team owner, a billionaire
  • The National Football League
  • The players on the Redskins team and all other NFL teams
  • All affiliated businesses, merchandisers, corporate sponsors
  • All Snyders many thousands of employees, both in the team system and throughout his corporate empire.

Insult For Insult? Whoa

Is it legitimate to use a similar insult to highlight someone else’s insult? The Onion thinks so as reported here by CBS News New York today:  http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2013/10/22/satire-gone-too-far-the-onion-hurls-slurs-at-redskins-owner/ and internationally http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2472391/The-Onion-describes-Redskins-owner-anti-Semitic-word-racism-row.html

Redskins, Indians, and every other insulting racially tied name need to be taken out of public use in every and all commercial enterprise, of which the Onion is certain one. Adding to the vitrol with more hate speech helps no one and hardens thinking. 

Today, in nearby(to me) Boston the first game of the World series is starting. I would love to go, listen, support the team and yes I like the game. One of my fondest memories of my childhood is sitting in a parked car with my uncle while my aunt finished her shopping and we listened to the game on the car radio and he taught it to me. Or on the porch in the summer and hearing the play-by-play. As a “girl” back then I was not supposed to be to much the sport lover so I often did not understand a lot. What I understood was the family closeness, enthusiasm, energy and excitement. 

Today plenty of young people, worldwide feel those same feelings. It is time to end the association of MLB and all major commercial teams with any and all forms of racism. “Chief Wahoo” and the “Indians” included. MLB, Mr. Bud Selig, Mr. Dolan, will you finally step up to the plate and swing for the bleachers–do it right? Change it up? 

By now you know where to find me. Your silence means one thing: you approve the current situation. Tradition? I don’t think so. Being “one of the boys”–whoever those boys/men/groups happen to be? Maybe? Profits and ego? Most likely. Do you really want the current situation to be your legacy? Really?

As I asked a Cleveland City Council member years ago when he said he only bought his grandson the team hat with the C on it because he loved Cleveland–“Would you put one dollar in the team owner’s wallet if the team was named the Cleveland “N….” His answer was, and I quote, a deep laugh then “Right on sister.”

He knew racism then, I know it now and so do all of you. Next time look you each look in the mirror look hard, think of your children and grandchildren–they will all know your positions on this. 


People Have Died For Our Civil Rights

For any reason a violation of the rulings of the US Supreme Court must be followed unless and until they are overturned. Jesus himself is quoted as saying Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. This is often used to support taxes, which it does. But it is greater than that because Caesar also issued the laws through proclamation at the time. This means all laws must be followed.

The one time Jesus was angry was inside the Temple when the moneychangers violated Jewish law in charging a fee for the service, a kind of interest in today’s understanding, against longstanding and well understood Jewish law. That this was done in the Temple added to the outrage of Jesus. Yet today, many people who claim to take the Bible literally and fight the civil rights of same sex couples as clearly now determined under US federal law choose to believe they have the right to oppose that law, under Biblical authority.


this is picking and choosing which text in the Bible to believe. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s overrides this. Many of these same people may still oppose race mixed marriages, some sort of racial superiority and in sports the right to make fun, ridicule and insult any race they might choose. again this violates federal law AND Biblical rules as clearly determined by Jesus. It is time for America to stop this travesty, now. 


Redface Insults Every Fan, Player, Manager Team and Owner in the MLB

Last week at the Wild Card playoff game in Cleveland, Ohio these fans highlighted the worst in the sport, the city and America: racial stereotypes used to minimize, dehmanize and inslut an entire group of people. I am NOT an American “Indian” but I am native to the United States of America. I am an American woman. I have been born and raised here, raised my family here and proudly call myself a citizen. I also love baseball–but not these people. In the world we share today, linked, connected and entwined in all ways they are clueless.

Fans? Try embarassments. To the players, the real team supporters, the team owners and all of MLB management: it is time for a change. You can and must do better. Are you going to keep your collective heads in the sand, clining to a romanticized past that never was or wake up and move into the world we share today, as in right now? History is what happened yesterday–the future is what you build today so are you building something thriving and vibrant, strong and exciting or complacently watching something quickly crumbling to dust?

If they wore black face, impersonated Pope Frances in a degrading manner or presented as any other religious figure in a well recognized uniform, or dressed in military uniforms–or half uniforms– and acted outrageously they most likely would have been removed. For their own safety and that of the others in the stands. In England and elsewhere riots happen in the stands and on the fields over team rivalries. Assuming today that this cannot occur here mostly attests to the professional care and efficiency of most security personnel, their policies and their training. Yet even permitting the seeds of violence to be sown is flagrantly irresponsible. The current Cleveland MLB team name and Chief Wahoo do just that. Why is it permitted to continue?

Do not ignore this racism since one way or another it draws attention. as it should. Value judgments based upon birth identity is wrong. Positive attention is good, negative attention fuels hatred, anger and hostility. We all know the type of consequences which those feelings can create so, for once team owners and management, be proactive, be leaders.

Fans, wear team colors but do not purchase any official MLB merchandise, for any team, anywhere and write to the team management to let them know why you are not helping them profit. Find solid charities working in the Native American communities and work with them, make donations and draw attention to the real issues faced daily on the tribal lands. Owners–find your leadership intestinal fortitude and personal strength and make the needed changes. You might discover your strongest critics now will be your most vocal supporters once they see a good change happen(and your profits increase). Media–keep the exposure on, tell the true stories, profile management, players and owners, throughout the MLB. Show and tell the realities in the locker rooms, the board rooms, the country clubs and the fan sites.

America’s pastime deserve change. Baseball deserves and needs real integrity. Cleveland deserves the best. This is not even close. We can and must do better.