Worldwide Racism & Bias Is Right Here At Home: Do You Have A Plan

“There is no understanding of the real situation by the authorities or the general public,” he said. “We as Romanians want to have someone else to blame for our own mistakes, and the Roma people are our own scapegoats. If we blame them, maybe we will look better in our own eyes and in the eyes of the world community.”

The last sentence says it all–keep the focus off the racist and biased people to increase standing, importance and sense of power among the racist, biased people. It provides a distraction and under the guise of the enemy of my enemy is my friend builds a sense of group unity. The title however is a bit deceiving: since the only breakthrough is the taking of pictures.  Education and information changes things  and people and a plan is needed.  I like this interview John Duffy of 3C Interactive, on Inspiration and Aspiration –

I am suggesting everyone concerned about racism and bias make a plan for the next 100 days, no matter who wins any US election, for what they will do with real actions to build understanding and confront racism and bias whenever and wherever they find it. It does not matter if you are young or old, a man or a woman, a child or an adult, you can start making a difference. Today.  Part of my plan includes posting here every day for the next 100 days, finding ways to publicize this site, writing letters to both politicians and business leaders and setting up the final version, with artwork included of the teaching tool, Story of the Chief ( found at )Will you join me in this? What’s your 100 day plan to really make something different in a good way?

Election Is Here

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted and while there are many reasons I will now state that I will be posting several times a week, if not daily.  Here is why:

It is basically what I have seen and heard myself–people are, if anything, more racist than they were prior to President Obama’s election but they are expressing it in different and rather cloaked ways. I’ve heard “I”m not an Obama person” from a white woman living in Florida, “People are excited. They want to get Obama out of office” from a white worker in New Hampshire as well as ads linking President Obama to socialism, perhaps ones you have seen running lately. Near where I live there have been swastikas spray painted on some rather hidden rocks–classic white supremacist strategy, no matter the age.

There are too many scientific and medical advances to stay tied to old ways of thinking.  Soon we will have enhanced people–soldiers who have had missing limbs replaced with bio-robotic prosthesis under full neurological control, biologically manipulated exo-skeletons and brain implants for uses beyond treating diseases like Parkinson’s where they are already in place in patients by the hundreds of thousands. This is not science fiction, it is current reality. See for a start       and and

Now that this reality is facing us it is absolutely time to send to the ancient, outmoded and unneeded junk pile all racist stereotypes, everywhere and starting with MLB team name and logos. More on this soon since the World series is over this seems a perfect time to start contacting management, media, players, of America’s National Pastime–no matter who wins the election, which thankfully is happening very soon.